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Marina C10 Compact Heater 10w (10L)


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The Marina C10 is a 10 watt compact, 10cm long submersible heater for use in indoor aquariums.

Without any adjustments needed, it is designed to reach and maintain the set temperature of 26ºC* dependent upon ambient room temperature.

The exterior is made of a tough polymer so that it will not crack or break like traditional glass sleeve heaters.

The heater is ideal for aquariums up to a maximum of 10L and can be used in fresh and saltwater tanks.

Includes an LED running lamp and 1 suction cup for easy and secure installation.


*This heater was designed to reach and maintain the set temperature of 26ºC, provided that the maximum difference between the ambient and set temperature is less than 5ºC.

Variables such as lower room temperature, wide temperature fluctuations, lack of an aquarium cover, presence of pumps and filters or aquarium placement in proximity to cooling sources may require a higher wattage for proper control for the given tank size. If the set temperature is not reached in all conditions, it will probably be necessary to increase the heating power. We recommend monitoring aquarium temperature on a regular basis with a reliable thermometer.