Live Plant 9 Mixed Pack "Cryptcoryne"

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Cryptcoryne Plant Pack: This is a selection of submersed grown, crypts varieties. Including 3 plants of each variety total 9 plants.

Crypt leaves including stem are 5-10cm long depending on species.

Sent from the aquaculture to your door, these plants have significantly reduced transit time and handling for optimum health.

Cryptocoryne undulatus “Red”  x 3

This Cryptocoryne is a brown-red form of the time-tested Cryptocoryne undulata from Sri Lanka. It develops quite narrow leaves with finely wavy margin. The leaf underside shows purple-red tones, the upper side is red-brown with darker marbling. The appearance of the plant also varies depending on conditions.

Cryptocoryne petchii x 3

Cryptocoryne beckettii 'Petchii' is a small variety of Cryptocoryne beckettii from Sri Lanka, which has beautiful, slightly fluted leaf margins, 10-15 cm long. Leaves become dark olive-brown with violet underside. Like many other Cryptocorynes, the leaf colour and shape depends largely on environmental conditions in the aquarium.

Cryptocoryne  wendtii “Mioya” x 3

Crypt Mioya is a less common type of crypt that can serve as an ideal foreground or midground plant. The slender leaves have ruffled edges and can range from bright green to copper brown which adds some colorful contrast to the usual green foliage.

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