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Juwel PrimoLux LED for Primo, Rekord & Korall


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The PrimoLux is a high-quality aquarium cover that is equipped with an energy-saving NovoLux LED light unit. With dimensions of 60 x 30 cm (PrimoLux 60) and 80 x 35 cm (PrimoLux 80), the PrimoLux LED aquarium cover with LED light unit fits on the conventional glass aquariums.

The PrimoLux 60 is available in black and white.

The PrimoLux 80 / 100 is exclusively available in black.

The feed flap allows the attachment of the JUWEL automatic feeders for simple feeding of your fish.

Product: LED Inlcuded Suitable for:
PrimoLux 60 NovoLux 60 LED light unit Primo 60, Primo 70, Rekord 60, Rekord 70, Rekord 600, Rekord 700, Korall 60
PrimoLux 80 NovoLux 80 LED light unit Primo 110, Rekord 800