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Fluval Surface Skimmer Attachment



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The Fluval aquarium surface skimmer fits all Fluval canister filters. It draws water from the surface of the aquarium eliminating undesirable surface films. Since the Fluval surface skimmer contains no metal parts, marine aquariums in particular that do not employ a surface overflow will substantially benefit from the implementation of the Fluval surface skimmer.

Function and Benefits

 The Fluval and AquaClear Surface Skimmer will draw water from the surface of the aquarium as well as through a mid level intake strainer that will prevent and eliminate undesirable surface films as well as provide better circulation. Benefits include higher dissolved oxygen levels, better water circulation and less light reduction due to unsightly surface film. Carbon in a filter system will help trap impurities that can be found on the surface of aquarium water.To maximize surface film removal, it is recommended to use relatively fresh carbon in the filter system.

There are various sources of surface films, such as:
-Fats/Lipids from fish foods.
-Cigarette Smoke.
-Oils from hands and skin.
-Decomposing organic matter.