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Exo Terra Jungle Earth / Natural Terrarium Substrate 26.4L


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  • 100% natural substrate
  • Ideal for natural terrarium set-ups
  • Perfect for humidity loving reptiles
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behaviour
  • Nutritional substrate for live plants

The Exo Terra Jungle Earth Substrate is an excellent formula for use in your terrarium to keep the environment in an ideal condition.

This substrate is made from completely natural components, making it an ideal choice for any all natural terrarium or vivarium set up. The Exo Terra Jungle Earth Vivarium Substrate creates a textured ground space for your animals that helps to recreate the natural habitat in the context of their enclosure; this substrate allows your animal to dig and burrow as they would do in the wild, providing them with an environment that they can truly make their own and have full interaction with. Indeed, the Exo Terra Jungle Earth Vivarium Substrate even helps to encourage such behaviour.
The natural make up of the Exo Terra Jungle Earth Vivarium Substrate makes it perfect for any reptiles who are particularly use to humid conditions. This substrate is able to retain humidity and moisture, helping you to regulate conditions inside your animals environment in a natural manner. As well as this, the Exo Terra Jungle Earth Vivarium Substrate provides a certain level of nutrition to any live plant life in the tank, allowing them to grow as they usually would.
As well as all of this, the Exo Terra Jungle Earth Vivarium Substrate also brings a natural appearance to the environment as a whole, finishing of your reptiles enclosure superbly with a real outdoor feel.