Exo Terra Infrared Basking Spot


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Infrared Basking Spot

Reptile Lamp Rating System
  • Increases the overall air temperature in the terrarium 
  • Provides heat, essential for activity and digestion
  • Emits infrared heat waves
  • Excellent 24 hours radiant heat source
  • Will not disrupt normal activity cycle
  • Ideal for nocturnal viewing
  • Can be combined with Daytime Heat Lamp or Night Heat Lamp for a 24-hour cycle

The bulb emits infrared heat waves and is a typical heating lamp. The spot lamp has a special build-in reflector to direct the heat in any direction required. The red glass transmits Infrared waves produced by the special filament of the bulb. The reddish light will not disrupt normal activity during night or day, which makes it an excellent 24 hour heat source.

Light/Heat Beam: 40° - Colour temp.: 1500K

Infrared Basking Spot Lamp PT2141 - R20/50W


Infrared Basking Spot Lamp PT2142 - R20/75W


Infrared Basking Spot Lamp PT2144 - R25/100W


Infrared Basking Spot Lamp PT2146 - R30/150W