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Eshopps Bio-Lux Bio Media 4 Pack


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Bio-Lux is an ultra porous advanced ceramic biological filtration media that allows bacteria to live deep inside each Bio-Lux piece.

Use Bio-Lux media in your sump, filter or other places you want to add biological filtration. Bio-Lux is easy to add and easy to remove for cleaning when needed. Bio-Lux can be stacked or placed on their to suit a wide range of set ups.

  • For both Fresh and Marine water.
  • Extremely high surface area.
  • Square and spiral structure will increase 3 more times of filter area without space wastage.
  • Up to 80% water absorption rate, which means there is much porous space for bacteria development and maximize filter efficiency
  • Mesh Protector on each piece of media will lend to its safe shipment and increase the 3D spatial capacity for bacterial development.

Maintenance of the Bio-Lux Media is simple depending on the location and the amount of detritus and other particles being trapped within the media. Cleaning consists of gently swishing the media in a bucket of aquarium water to remove any foreign particles.


Dimensions 6 3/8" x 1 1/2" per stack.
(4) per box
Material Ceramic
pH 8.0 < PH
Surface Area 3,918 sq meter/liter

Recommended Amounts of Bio-Lux:

50 Gallons: 4-8 Bio-Lux
75 Gallons: 8-12 Bio-Lux
100 Gallons: 12-16 Bio-Lux
200 Gallons: 16-24 Bio-Lux
300 Gallons: 24-32 Bio-Lux