Eheim powerLED Daylight & Actinic Blue


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EHEIM powerLED – the original lamp for open marine aquariums. It is attractive, distributes the ideal light evenly throughout the aquarium, is powerful and saves energy.

EHEIM powerLED "daylight & actinic blue"

The attractively shaped round lamp with high quality, low energy use Power-LED (up to 80% energy saving) distributes light evenly throughout the tank and ensures a beautiful underwater world, due to a light spectrum and light intensity precisely designed for marine creatures and their growth requirements. The EHEIM marine water powerLED “daylight & actinic blue” promotes colour rendition and the growth of corals. The corals appear with the most vivid colours due to the stimulation of their inherent florescence. The EHEIM powerLED also gives excellent performance versus comparable commercially available fluorescent lamps in the range of 400 to 500 nm – the range especially important for photosynthesis. Thus, EHEIM offers the correct light for the illumination of small open top marine aquariums.

EHEIM Power-LED “daylight & actinic blue” (combination of blue 450 nm and white 6500 K, ratio 2:1) for all open aquariums up to max. 35 cm (14“) height

  • High quality LED (81 interconnected diodes) for optimum illumination right to the bottom of the tank (approx. 1.800 Lux)
  • High energy efficiency, only 7 Watt
  • Long service life approx. 20.000 service hours
  • With practical clamps for variable fixing up to 20 mm (3/4”) clamping width, also for open aquariums with frame moulding
Performance at 50 Hz 7 watt
For aquariums up to approx (max. Height) 35.00 cm
For aquariums up to approx (max. Glass thickness) 20.00 mm