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Eheim Filter Media Set for Pro 3E 2076/2078



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Quick Facts:

Everything you need in one box

  • These complete filter media kits are prefectly matched to EHEIM Filters
  • One single off-the-shelf pack provides the complete fill quantities necessary for filter maintenantce.
  • The correct filter media layering is crucial for water quality.
  • Obtain all the media you need for your filter in easy step
  • Eliminate any confusion

EHEIM makes it easy!

The EHEIM MEDIA SETs include fine / coarse filter pads, mechanical and biological filter media

EHEIM filter media – highly efficient, developed in our own laboratory, produced from the only the best raw materials, continuously checked and guaranteed free from pollutants.

Fine and coarse filter pads for mechanical and biological filtration

The porous material becomes evenly soaked with water and traps large and small dirt particles. After a short start-up period purification bacteria, which provide intensive biological decomposition of harmful substances, colonise the specially structured foam.

The fine and coarse filter pads are reusable many times over. To clean them simply rinse and squeeze out, so that the bacteria cultures are not completely destroyed.

  • Porous material traps large and small dirt particles
  • Good colonisation conditions for bacteria cultures
  • Reusable several times over
  • To clean just rinse and squeeze out
EHEIM Media Set is a complete filter media kit for crystal clear, healthy water and long intervals between cleaning. EHEIM filter media are developed in the EHEIM laboratories and manufactured using only the best quality materials. These materials are sourced using the highest quality control methods and are free of toxic substances.

4 litres MECHpro
Mechanical filtration with EHFIMECH: Effectively traps and breaks down all coarse dirt particles from water befor further filtration process.

2 litres bioMECH
Biomechanical filtration with EHEIM bioMECH: special pockets to trap dirt guarantee that both large and small dirt particles are trapped effectively.

1 Coarse filter pad
Phenol free (toxic chemical normally found in other media), large pore sponge giving both mechanical and biological filtration, with even water flow-through.

2 litres SUBSTRATpro
Bio-filtration with SUBSTRATpro: excellent micro-pore structure for quick colonisation of necessary bacteria to achieve faster decomposition of toxins. Anti-clogging pearl-shaped structure ensures better flow-through, giving 50% more efficiency due to longer intervals between cleaning. Non-abrasive

1 Filter fleece
Fine dirt particles are traped in the fine filter pad before water re-enters into the aquarium.

The EHEIM Media Set is suitable for the EHEIM external filters professionel 3e 2076 and 2078. For use in fresh and marine water.