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Eheim EHFI Aktiv Alkali-Activated Carbon 250mL



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High Activated Capsulated Carbon
• Alkali-activated
• Acid-washed
• Recommended for use where rapid adsorption is necessary
• pH Neutral

EHEIM Aktiv quickly binds pollutants, residue of medication, yellow cast and other undesirable substances in the aquarium water and deposits them in large quantities, thus making the water crystal-clear. The utilization of EHEIM Aktiv is especially important for the first installation of the aquarium and after medication treatment. Use activated carbon for a limited period of time only (approx. 4 weeks), and subsequently remove or replace it.

EHEIM Aktiv is used in the layer structure directly downstream of the mechanical filter medium, applying it best of all in the net bag supplied. EHEIM Aktiv can be used in marine and fresh water.