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Eden Gravel Cleaner 501



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Easy Gravel cleaning, without the necessity of a water exchange.

This gravel cleaner is quickly installed and removed coarse debris without sucking up the gravel, the foam filters the dirt particles out of the water, which is pumped back into the aquarium. This enables tidy and thorough work without too much water being taken out or the bucket overflowing. Thanks to the transparent and compact suction tubes it is also possible to clean hard to reach areas of the aquarium.

All Eden 500 models are suitable for freshwater and salt water aquaria, and can be sited behind or under the aquarium. Energy saving motors are protected by a thermal switch against overheating. Stable rubber feet ensure safe standing, and prevent vibration.

Two suction tubes 25mm and 13mm hoses as well as a bracket for easy installation on the aquarium are included with the product.

Unit size: H165mm x W90mm x L150mm

Power: 5 watts

Max water depth of 50cm.

Max flow 300 lph

Filter capacity 280cm3

Supplied with:

1x Hanging bracket Intake and outlet hose

1 x narrow intake tube, 12mm diameter, 280mm length*

1 x wide intake tube, 25mm diameter, 280mm length*

*The tubes can be combined to extend length to 560mm

This unit will suck up some sand and finer substrates, best suited for gravel.