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Classica Eco Fresh Automatic Pond Feeder



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The Classica Automatic Pond Feeder can be placed on the edge of a pond and the unique brush dispenser will automatically feed your fish so you can relax!

The amount of food released each time can be easily adjusted to suit your individual pond needs. Between 50 and 1400 grams of food can be released each day. Featuring a unique brush mechanism which ensures that food does not get blocked and battery operated so you don't have to sort out power cords.


  • Easy to install and safe to use
  • Programmable up to 4 feeding time slots
  • Has a capacity of 10 litres, equivalent to approximately 4kg of food, allowing you to feed several times a day
  • Can run for up to 2 months on one set of batteries (4 x C Alkaline - not included)
  • Controllable feeding amount
  • Cover Plate for small pellets
  • LCD Display Panel
  • Weather Proof