PondPro Eco Fresh Automatic Pond Feeder


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Automatic Pond Feeder

With the EcoFresh Automatic Feeder, you’ll never have to worry about batteries going flat again when you go for your long holiday! It uses low voltage, making it a safe and ideal choice over most conventional automatic feeders.

With EcoFresh, your Koi, goldfish and pond fish will be kept well fed and happy even when you are not at home.
Suitable for round/stick pellets from 3mm – 7mm ONLY. 

Important: Keep EcoFresh in a sheltered area.

Instructions, click here.


  • Power Supply. Never worry about batteries going flat again!
  • Digital Control Panel. User friendly and easy to program.
  • 6 Programmable Feed Times. Keep your fish well fed throughout the day with up to 6 programmable feeding times per day.
  • Adjustable Feed Duration. Choose between 5 different feeding durations to determine the amount of pellets to be dispensed during each feeding session.
  • Manual Feed Mode. Activate the manual feed mode to dispense pellets any time you like!
  • Wide Area of Coverage. The Spindle Brush distributes pellets over a wide feed throwing coverage area up to 75cm away.
  • Suitable with Different Pellet Sizes. Compatible with round/stick pellet feed of different sizes (3mm – 7mm).
  • Easy to Use. User-friendly control panel with digital LED display.
  • Low power consumption. Energy saving design and components.
  • Safe. AC-DC low voltage operation.


Model Number PDA0008
Product Dimension 320 x 250 x 350mm
Product Weight 3kg
Max Feed Volume 12L
Material Premium Anti-UV ABS Plastic
Power Supply 12V 1A DC Power Adapter
Power Supply Cable 5m length
Max Power Operating Power 6W