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Blue Planet UView UV Purifier 24w (up to 400L)


This is ideal to help polish the water creating a crystal clear, pathogen free aquarium. The item comes with its own pump, is fully submersible in your aquarium or filter sump, plus a mini LED light lets you know when the UV bulb needs to be changed for effectiveness.

The water passes through the chamber in a zigzag motion to ensure maximum time of water contact with the UV light. The UV light is concealed inside the black chamber for your protection, where the water will pass through killing any algae spores and pathogens, which may be present within your aquarium. Reduces the potential of fish becoming sick.

The small sponge needs to be rinsed thoroughly every week or two, dependent on water clarity, with bulbs lasting for approximately 6000hrs.

Suitable in both fresh and salt water aquariums.

24watt model treats up to 400L aquariums