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Blue Planet Tropical Water Heater 300w 36cm (300L)



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Easy and precised setting of desired temperature with a light indicator to show when the heater is working. Includes a thermostat to maintain a uniform temperature. This heating element is highly efficient and compact.

  • Freshwater & Marine.
  • Automatic Thermostat.
  • Fully Submersible.
  • For tanks up to 300L.
  • 36cm high

An aquarium heater is dependent upon your room temperature, which determines how often a heater needs to work. This guide gives a clearer indication of the wattage required to maintain the desired temperature, based on a 25C water temperature.

Note weather conditions vary greatly through Summer and Winter, please consider this prior to purchasing a heater.

Room Temperature 20C 15C 10C
Heating by another 5C 10C 15C
Tank size 25L 25w 25w 25w
Tank size 50L 50w 50w 100w
Tank size 100L 100w 150w 200w
Tank size 150L* 150w 200w or 2 x 100w 2 x 150w
Tank size 200L* 200w 300w or 2 x 150w 2 x 200w
Tank size 300L* 300w 2 x 200w 2 x 300

* It is highly recommended to use two heaters in larger aquariums, one at each end, to ensure an even heat distribution.