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Blue Planet SereneLife Atlantis 140L Aquarium HPLED



With Stand

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Model: EG517 (Rectangle Aquarium)
Aquarium Dimensions: 76 x 46 x 50 cm (LxDxH)
Water Capacity: 140 Litres
Pump Capacity: 1100 L/hr

Stand: EG517STW Dimensions: 76 x 38 x 71 cm (LxDxH) (sold separately/flat packed)

Blue Planet aquariums come complete with a fully pressurized, 3-stage filter and water pump, on-top of the aquarium unit. Adjustable flow regulator to suit various fish types or as required. Tanks are suitable for either Fresh & Saltwater fish. 

Filter box includes; wool, sponge, charcoal and bio-balls. Hood design is 100% rimless, and eliminates water and salt stains around the edge of the aquarium hood.


High Powered LED Lighting!

8 watt High Powered LED Lighting (1 watt each, 6 White/2 Blue)

High Intensity Lighting:

Stimulate Plant & Coral growth, replicating natural sunlight.

Creates a shimmering effect:

An impressive natural lighting effect, seen throughout the aquarium.

Low Power consumption:

Each bulb uses 1 watt power, reducing running costs as well as the environmental impact.

Contains no mercury:

Fluorescent bulbs contain small amounts of mercury; LED’s use no heavy metals.

Increased Bulb life:

An expected life span of 20,000hrs, or over 2years running 24 hours per day.