Blue Planet Orient HPLED Conversion Kit


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High Powered LED Conversion Kit for the Blue Planet Orient aquarium, EG673 / AA2100LGD to the 10w High Powered LED lighting. This kit comes with 2 x 10w HPLEDs.

The longer 12w HPLED have been replaced by shorter 10w HPLEDs, the conversion kit is needed as the 10w don't fit in the mounting points within the existing hood. This kit is the LEDs with power supply attached to a new hood flap.

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High powered LED lighting kit for Blue Planet Aquariums.

The 10 watt High Powered LED kit for the Orient & Atlantic aquariums comes complete with power cord and on/off switch, and features:

  • High Intensity Lighting: Stimulate Plant & Coral growth, replicating natural sunlight.
  • Creates a shimmering effect: An impressive natural lighting effect, seen throughout the aquarium.
  • Low Power consumption: Each bulb uses 1 watt power, reducing running costs as well as the environmental impact.
  • Contains no mercury: Fluorescent bulbs contain small amounts of mercury; LED’s use no heavy metals.
  • Increased Bulb life: An expected life span of 20,000hrs, or over 2years running 24 hours per day.

16 x 1 Watt LED white light
Colour Parameters: Tc=6910K Dominant WL: Ed=488.5nm Purity=9.8%
Red Ratio: R=12.7% G=83.4% B=3.9% Peak WL;
Ep=447.2nm HWL: Ed=24.8nm

4 x 1 Watt LED Blue light
Colour Parameters: Tc=25000K Dominant WL: Ed=453.5nm Purity=98.8%
Red Ratio: R=1.6% G=9.1% B=89.3% Peak WL;
Ep=447.8nm HWL: Ed=20.1nm