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Blue Planet 12w HPLED Kit Orient & Atlantic


EG515kit O&A

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High powered LED lighting kit for Blue Planet Aquariums. Can be retrofitted to other aquariums.

The 12 watt High Powered LED kit for the Orient & Atlantic aquariums comes complete with power cord and on/off switch, and features:

High Intensity Lighting: Stimulate Plant & Coral growth, replicating natural sunlight.

Creates a shimmering effect: An impressive natural lighting effect, seen throughout the aquarium.

Low Power consumption: Each bulb uses 1 watt power, reducing running costs as well as the environmental impact.

Contains no mercury: Fluorescent bulbs contain small amounts of mercury; LED’s use no heavy metals.

Increased Bulb life: An expected life span of 20,000hrs, or over 2years running 24 hours per day.