Blue Life Phosphate FX Rechargable Resin


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Blue Life Phos FX is the most cost effective phosphate media on the market. It has the highest adsorption capacity and the rapid adsorption is twice as fast as GFO. No clumping or disintegrating. Safe for both fresh & saltwater.

This 250 ml size will remove 5 ppm of phosphates in 250 gallons.

It can be regenerated multiple times using the Blue Life Regen FX regeneration kit.

Regeneration Method

Dissolve 1 Blue Life USA Regeneration Kit into 2 litres of room-temperature water per 250-ml of resin to be regenerated

  • in a clean container place resin in and stir.  Allow Nitrate Fx to soak at least 1 hour (for best results soak overnight) frequently agitating the bags.
  • Remove from regeneration solution and rinse thoroughly in fresh water before re-using.

  • Do not regenerate with bleach, this will permanently damage the adsorption resin and could kill aquarium inhabitants.

    Any of the Blue Life USA resins can be regenerated with the use of Regen Fx for reuse 6 or more times.