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Arium Bioscape Natural Spider Wood


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For an impressive addition to your aquascape, Spider Wood is a must with its undeniable character. Ideal for attaching plants, providing hiding spaces for fish and loved by shrimp. For the pleco owners, they will find this wood an irresistible treat!

Every piece is unique, sizes are approximate only and are for the width of the piece at the two largest points. Thin tendrils are not included in the measurements, these can be trimmed down easily to fit if needed.

These pieces are quite large so won't suit a nano tank.

Bends, fractures, breaks, marks and all sorts of twists & minor snaps may occur in these pieces, as they are 100% naturally grown, harvested and dried.

These pieces have been dried out and will require soaking to become waterlogged, the time for this will vary depending on density and size. For some pieces it has taken a month or so for them to become waterlogged.

They will release substantial amounts of tannins, soaking before adding to your aquarium is recommended. Weigh it down completely submerged in a large bucket or bin, changing the water once or twice a week until it is waterlogged and tannin leaching has reduced.