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Aquaclear Powerhead 10 (300L/hr)


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This handy little pump is versatile and suits both fresh and saltwater. Ideal for use with undergravel filter systems, quarantine tanks, water circulation, drive skimmers and more. In nano reef tanks it can be easily hidden and still provide highly beneficial currents. The Aquaclear Quick Filter can be easily added on as a mini filter.


  •  energy-efficient
  • 300L/hr flow rate
  • compact size 53 x 43 x 72 mm (without attachments)
  • completely submersible motor unit that is insulated in epoxy resin to protect against harsh fresh and salt water environments
  • adjustable flow control
  • convenient suction cups for easy installation
  • an output hose adapter that allows easy attachments to a variety of aquarium equipment including protein skimmers, spray bars, and other accessories