Aqua Zonic Super Bright Fresh & Plant Extendable LED


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The extendable Super Bright LED lamp meshes innovation with a functional design. The extendable arm allows the lamp to be mounted on a wide range of aquarium tanks.

It utilises the new OF 'X' LED which when combined with 8K and 10K bulbs provides superior full colour spectrum rendering of livestock.

Meanwhile, the switchable dual light mode recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural day cycle.

The next generation of compact aquarium lighting.


Length Wattage Specs: (10000k + 8000k + X LED) + (X LED)


15.72W (1.5W x 3 +1.5W x 3 + 1.5W x 4) + 0.24W x 3 )


23.94W (1.5W x 4 + 1.5W x 5 + 1.5W x 6) + (0.24W x 6)


35.16W (1.5W x 6 + 1.5W x 8 + 1.5W x 8) + (0.24W x 9 )


47.88W (1.5W x 9 + 1.5W x 11 + 1.5W x 10) + (0.24W x 12)