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Aqua Medic Overflow Comb 50cm Includes Holder & Clip


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Overflow comb, for the construction of aquarium overflows

The water runs evenly through the comb. Plant debris and dirt are trapped, fish remain in the aquarium. 

The retainer for overflow comb is glued on to the overflow. The comb is inserted in the retainer and can easily be removed for cleaning. It can also be used with a flexible holder (combfix).
Alternatively, the overflow comb can simply be attached directly to the glass pane with the attached clips without using the retainer.
Suitable for glass thickness 6 - 8 mm
Length: app. 50 cm
Height incl. retainer: app. 8 cm
Height excl. retainer: app. 5.5 cm
Length of teeth: app. 3.7 cm