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Aqua Medic M-ventil Standard Solenoid Valve


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Solenoid valves will switch on or off gas from a cylinder when connected either to a controller or a timer.
The solenoid valve may also be monitored via a pH controller to achieve a maximum degree of comfort with ideal carbon dioxide provision at all times.
M-ventil Standard has a high quality chrome-plated brass body with a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar, pressure fittings for 6 mm flexible hose and can be connected to all our CO2 units. The solenoid coil consumes only 2.5 watts of electric energy to prevent overheating.

Operation with timer

The CO2 –consumption during the day (light phase) is determined primarily
by the plants. In the night ( dark phase), the plants excrete CO2 –gas so it
is not necessary to provide CO2 – during the night time, it may even be harmful. The
solenoid valve can be linked to a timer to meet these specific requirements. An elegant
solution is to connect the solenoid valve to the timer, that controls the lights. The valve is
then switched on and off together with the light.

Operation with pH controller

This operation mode should be preferred in comparison to others. It is the most exact and
economical version. Only the exact quantity required is fed into the system. It balances the
loss that is, for example caused by water movements and aeration. Fluctuations of the pH
values are avoided by an electronic control. This is an advantage for the creation of a well balanced environment.

Note: Always use a non return valve between the aquarium and the solenoid valve. It prevents water from flowing back from the aquarium into the regulator and the CO2 – bottle and may cause damage.
We recommend to use the original Aqua Medic bubble counter with integrated non-return valve.