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ADA Aqua Design Amano SuperJet Stainless Steel Filter ES-300 (Spin Type)


ADA 105-708

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Super Jet Filter ES-300

This is an external filter for small size tank, made from stainless steel. ES-300 Spin type is for W36xD22xH26cm to W45xD27xH30cm. * For freshwater aquarium use only.


ADA Super Jet Filters are specifically designed for the Nature Aquarium and meet the exceptionally high standards set by Takashi Amano himself.


  • stainless steel construction to ensure quality, durability and beauty
  • extra-large capacity for filter media to ensure maximum performance (3L)
  • utilise a special Magnet Pump which has a uniquely shaped impeller and highly durable shaft that ensure that the filter has extra high power.
  • ADA glass Inlet and Outlet Lily Pipes included
  • ADA filter media included - Anthracite 2L (supplied in net), Bio Cube 1L

Pump Specification
ES-300 Flow Rate 6.0L/min Maximum Pump Head 1.5m

Size: Ø144×H360mm 

Volume: 3L

ES-150,ES-300 Spin type accessories /
Lily Pipe Spin P-1, Lily Pipe Mini V-2, Clear Hose Ø13 (12 / 16mm),
Clear Hose Ø10 (9 / 12mm), Hose Band Ø10, Hose Band Ø16, Stabilization matt