ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Light Powder 3L


With its natural earth color, it shows aquascapes visually as more natural. It contains the same natural black soil as Amazonia, it sufficiently promotes the growth of aquatic plants.

Amazonia Light  has been developed as a substrate material that even newcomer aquascapers can easily use. Although made from the same natural soil as the base material, this new soil has different color and properties from the conventional type of Amazonia soil.

Features of Amazonia Light

Even with Aqua Soil-Amazonia with a reputation as a substrate material for good plant growth, the newcomer aquarium hobbyists and even hobbyists with some experience may feel it’s difficult to handle their aquariums particularly during the initial setup period. When Amazonia soil is used in an aquarium where aquatic plants have not grown big yet, the rich organic compounds and nitrogen contained in Amazonia leach into the water and sometimes cause cloudiness or colored water and algal growth in the tank.

These problems will eventually be resolved when aquatic plants grow large and cover the substrate surface, but until such an environment is established in the tank, the frequent water change is needed to keep the aquarium in a good condition. Amazonia Light containing less organic compounds and nitrogen reduces the chance of problems during the initial setup period of an aquarium. Another feature of Amazonia Light is its natural light brown color. The standard Amazonia soils are almost black color due to the black soil used as the base material. Although this black color is a proof of rich Humic acid and other organic acids contained in the soil, the constant use of the same color soil may limit the variation of impressions in aquascape.