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Live Plant 100 Stem Mixed Pack "Red"

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Red Plant Pack: Includes 100 stem plants, 10 species.

This is a selection of true aquatic plants grown submersed, all are red varieties.

Sent from the aquaculture to your door, these plants have significantly reduced transit time and handling for optimum health.

  • Alternanthera reinecki    
  • Limnophilia aromatica
  • Ludwigia arcuata
  • Ludwigia glandulosa
  • Rotala  wallichii    
  • Rotala colorata
  • Ludwigia natans
  • Rotala “Blood Red”
  • Ludwigia Sp “Super Mini Red”
  • Ammania gracilis “Delicate Pink


Highlights of some of the included varieties:

     Rotala “Blood Red”

Blood red is the most intense red of all the Rotala. This variant only requires medium lighting. With addition of Co2 the colour is extremely red. It is very fast growing and makes a stunning mid to background plant for any aquascape.


     Ludwigia Sp “Super Mini Red”

This Ludwigia has an oval-teardrop shape pointed leaves that are red in in colour. Planted in the midground, Ludwigia Mini “Super Red” makes a beautiful small leafed hedge.

It is easy to grow, requiring moderate to bright lighting and regular fertilisation.

CO2 is always an advantage and will improve growth and colour. Its striking colouration can also be achieved in low-tech aquariums.


     Ammania gracilis “Delicate Pink

Plants have radiant red-pink leaves to give your aquarium a beautiful, mesmerizing background. Ammania gracilis is easy to grow.

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Images are strictly a guide only. Shape, size, level of growth etc are entirely assorted and supplied at random. Younger plants have a lower level of growth but once in your tank will continue to establish over time.