Dymax IQ9 Mini Drop Off Aquarium 48L Marine


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The new IQ9 is an 48L drop off mini aquarium made of 5mm rimless ultra-clear low iron glass with all sides chamfered. This product has 2 tier scaping zones equipped with a sliding sump filtration system powered by a 500L/h return pump (PH500), together with 3 stage filtering materials included.

To make the product more interesting, the sump is designed to slide for maintenance even during operation without shutting down the return pump.

Includes a Mini Protein Skimmer and the Dymax Space X Reef lighting. The light projects full spectrum lighting plus essential actinic blue spectrum wavelength that provide and support strong coral growth as well as enhance its colour. This LED also emits balance light for accurate viewing for both fish and the entire aquatic environment in the aquarium.

Dimensions: 470mm(L) x 470mm(W) x 220mm(H)


  • 48L
  • 5mm rimless ultra-clear low iron glass
  • Sump
  • Filter Media
  • PH500 Pump
  • Protein Skimmer
  • Space X Reef Light