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Aqua Natural Activated Coconut Carbon 500g


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Coconut shell is the best option for activated carbon media in aquarium filters. The density of micro-pores is significantly higher in coconut than in all other forms of activated carbon, providing more surface area and general porosity.

By way of comparison, it contains 50% more micro-pores than bituminous coal (which is the source material for 99% of activated carbons available to the aquarium market). This makes coconut far superior in adsorbing volatile organic chemicals and substances which are difficult to remove from water.


Coconut shell carbon’s purity makes it the gold standard choice for activated carbon. Whereas coal-based carbons can contribute inorganic ash to the aquarium, coconut contains minimal and in most cases undetectable ash levels.

Renewable and sustainable

Coconut trees grow in tropical climates and can be preserved for many years enabling them to continuously produce carbon (the coconut), while a tree by itself cannot produce more than one supply of carbon (the wood) in its lifetime.

Availability and carbon sequestration

The formation of the coconuts removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores the carbon, producing oxygen in the process. By nurturing coconut trees and continuously using their shells for carbon blocks, that stored carbon is staying in solid form — not burning away into the atmosphere.


Coconuts have a tight cell structure which creates a high mechanical strength, increased hardness and superior resistance to wear which results in a longer life than coal based carbons.


1) Rinse before use to remove fine particles.

2) Fill your media bag/sock of choice or place loose in your filter.

3) As carbon loses its effectiveness over time, in particular if exposed to large quantities of debris, remove and replace every 6 to 8 weeks.

4) It is recommended to be positioned after any mechanical filtration media in the filter.

Please note: Activated carbon does not remove ammonia, nitrite or nitrate. Heavy metals such as copper are also not removed. Activated carbon will absorb many medications used to treat fish disease. It is recommended to remove carbon from your filter during the course of treatment. Once treatment is completed, it is safe to add activated carbon to the filter and it will remove any residual medication remaining in the water column.

Suitable for fresh and saltwater.