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ITC ALR Algae Light Reactor


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The ALR Algae Light Reactor from ITC Aquatics combines the job of removing and disposing of excess algae with turbo charging nutrient removal from your aquarium. It works by bringing algae into one contained space and exposing it to LED light from all angles. The effect? - An algae that provides optimal growth conditions and therefore perfect ideals for the removal of waste products in your aquarium.

The ITC Algae Light Reactor (ALR) takes an old idea and brings it right up to date. For many years Reef Keepers have used Cheato Algae as a method of exporting Phosphate, Nitrates and organic wastes from the aquarium. The ALR brings algae into a confined space and lighting it with LED from all sides, which allows fast and optimal algae growth. This algae consumes Nitrates, Phosphates and waste, improving water quality and increasing oxygen. This also helps to increase and stabilise pH, raises the redox, and consumes exhaled CO2 from corals.

The ALR is the ideal addition to all in one aquariums where there is a shortage of space for an algae bed, or simply to turbo charge nutrient removal from your aquarium. 

When the reactor is full simply remove and dispose of the excess algae and all the nutrients it has consumed leaving enough to start the cycle once again.

ALR works incredibly quickly and has been manufactured using some of ITC's highest quality materials. ALR remains at the forefront of algae removal products, nitrate removal products and phosphate removal products for aquariums.


  • Removes excess algae
  • Turbo charges nutrient removal
  • Consumes exhaled CO2 from corals
  • Removes nitrates and phosphates from water
  • Reduces dissolved organics
  • Stabilises pH
  • Reduces detritus.
  • Increase Redox levels for increased health and water quality.
  • Works by bringing algae into one contained space
  • Exposes the algae with 360° LED lighting
  • Perfect for those tanks that lack the space for an algae bed
  • Great alternative to Cheato Algae
  • Works quickly and effectively
  • Constructed from high quality materials


Product Size

Reaction Chamber Inlet & Outlet Capacity LED Power Pump

210*170*480 mm

120*400 mm 5/8 inch 4.5L 16W



MR180 270*240*600 mm 180*500 mm 3/4 inch 12.7L 28W



MR220 305*280*600 mm 220*500 mm 3/4 inch 19.0L 28W