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Blue Planet TankMaid External Cannister Filter Pro EX6 (300L, 600L/Hr)


Price: $132.00

(Including tax)

 Canister filters are a great way to filter any larger aquarium. They can be filled with
various filter media to suit the need of your aquarium type. These filters come with wool, sponge, charcoal & noodles, giving a great range of filtering requirements.

An easy pump self priming unit to gain water flow, which is quick to start. A strong and durable tap system allows you to lock the taps in place and remove only the canister box, which has 2 baskets which help to contain the media, and make it simple for removal when needing a rinse (ensure you rinse, tank used media, only in aquarium water). No need to remove all hoses when some maintenance is needed, these can be set up once and then only cleaned when very dirty. Ensure you turn the power off before locking taps or trying to remove the canister.

• Powerful 15w – 600L/H
• 3 Stage filtration: chemical, mechanical and biological
• Top performance, low energy use, quiet action
• Compact design, easily accessed and easily cleaned
• Improves water health, encourages beneficial nitrobacteria
• Quick start convenience
• Indoor/outdoor use
• Freshwater or marine